Why not travel among friends?

From the people you know to the experience you trust, Paramount Travel and Sun Fun Tours have shared a paralleled vision of what makes a truly memorable group tour work seamlessly. Since 2011, our two tour companies have worked in partnership to introduce you, our valued guests to unique destinations and experiences. Each year we create new tours and add increased value to our already successful vacation planner. By developing these products ourselves, we strive for the highest standard and exceptional value that has contributed to your loyalty.

Welcome to Journeys – Travel Among Friends. Throughout the Vacation Planner and site look for the Journeys symbol. This represents the joint efforts of Paramount Travel and Sun Fun Tours to bring you a wide variety of well planned vacations and getaways always with the same vision in mind, you the customer and your satisfaction. Our mission is to plan memorable and fulfilling holidays each and every time. We look forward to having you journey with us.

It is good to have an end to journey to; but it is the journey that matters in the end. ~ Ernest Hemingway